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The Flavor Of Fifty

Fifty-five feels like fifty today, close enough to the milestone but far enough away to have some hindsight. I turned fifty while volunteering at the San Francisco Patients’ Cooperative, a medical cannabis facility. The patients and staff threw a big party and it was a lot of fun…but very, very humbling at the same time.

I had a memory of that moment in time five years ago. It felt so real, so close…so present, revisiting the faces of friends, some of them gone now, victims of cancer, HIV/AIDS and so on….and they were throwing a party for me?

Why I selected fifty as “feel” for today is simple, and complex.
Simple-new beginnings. Complex-greater responsibilities.

Today kind of feels like that; the beginning of new projects…the anticipation of outcome…fifty kinda felt like that to me, and I believe fifty-five is all about new beginnings, too-they just have more flavor!

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