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Sixty’s Sayin’ Something!

Perhaps I shouldn’t say the new Fifty Five is anything but spry and spunky, a virtual powerhouse-more like twenty than older.
But wait! Who said anything about feeling old or worn out? Just because I’m citing sixty doesn’t mean I’ve decided to jump in the hole and throw the dirt on top! Hardly!

I’m merely making the observation that several of my friends who are sixty and sixty-plus ARE vibrant and alive. They’ve taken any notions of what was called “aging gracefully,” and spun them sideways. Rather than retiring, some are embarking on new careers while others travel, play in rock bands or spend their time helping out in the community. Doesn’t sound like a lot of old studs and mares waiting for the glue factory, does it? That’s because its not.

While it’s true that until science comes up with a gizmo to change things, we’re all going to die some day. It doesn’t mean we should start packing our play toys when we turn Sixty. It just means we’re human.

Our task is to make things count here and now, while we live, every day of our lives.
Even the crap days can be worth something, just by being grateful for the crap.

What sixty says to me is a bit more experience than what I have now, and a bit more wisdom too. And so for that, today Fifty Five will be the New Sixty…smart and sassy!

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