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>Monkee Memory

>Today I was reminded that it’s a Monkees’ birthday….Peter Tork.

Happy birthday dude. 
Glad to know he’s still circulating, playing music and even touring with David and Micky from time to time. 
I’ve heard they’re gearing up for a tour in 2011….sure would be nice to see them play after all this time.

The Monkees 1967

Those were exciting, phenomenal years…..all beginning with a hair-brained idea.   I wanted to write a book about the band.  See, I was sick of the old “they don’t play their own music” thing….but even more. They were and remain an important part of the 60s music scene, were influential in how television programs were made (quick camera tricks, character bases, interspersing alternate realities, etc.), and were interesting as people, too.

I felt they’d gotten a raw deal in a lot of ways and wanted to help set the record straight.  Little did I know there were others who, to one degree or another, were out to do the same.

So that’s how Diane and I got started on the whole Monkees thing. When we moved to L.A., part of the reason was for me to be nearer the research locations….at the time the internet wasn’t anywhere like it is today.

I still have the research and outline for the work; have kept photographs of the collectibles but donated all but a few of my personal things to a proposed Monkees museum in Southern California. Some day I’ll get back to the book….at the time (1986-1989) I was so busy helping with the Press Club, Conventions and so on there wasn’t much time to do any other writing but the newsletter and keeping up with the mail.

There are many good books out there on the market already; David Jones wrote an autobiography way back in the ’80s-which I’m sure is due for an update. Sure would be great if the other guys-Micky, Peter and Mike (Nesmith)-would consider autobiographies too.  Nothing like getting it from the horses’ mouths, so to speak.

The most important thing that came out of all those years were the wonderful people we met, people who became friends and who Di and I have always considered family.  I’m kinda lousy at correspondence; this blog is an exercise in trying to cure that, too. But every one of those people are always in my heart, my prayers and thoughts.

So for today, Fifty Five Is The New Monkee Memory….hey, hey happy birthday Peter. y vaya con Dios!

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