Task At Hand

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      I’ve tried to minimize political things in this blog; partially because I’ve felt we’re all inundated by it too much already and partially because of my own confusion.
     I’m still confused, still looking myself in the mirror and wondering if the thoughts in my head are the ones coming out of the same face I’ve known all these years.  I used to consider myself a high-grade liberal; a tree-hugging, pavement pounding, engaged and enraged human being ready to carry my protest sign at the first call from the phone tree.
      I was a  real Yippie (remember them) from the old days; then a member of the Student’s Mobilization Committee-worked on the Moratorium even. I have been a union member and up until just the past few months, I’d never cross a picket line, always volunteer for a like-minded candidate during an election and was even known to work on a petition drive or two.

     Now? I’m not sure what to do.  I feel betrayed by those who I thought were motivated by selfless causes, betrayed even by the opposition because they’re sounding more and more like how the folks I thought were  in my “camp” used to sound, and even betrayed by the extremists on all sides because of the additional venom given to their uber-violent or ultra-biblical stances.
     We see law being broken on television every day; voters’ intimidation at election polls with no legal prosecution, public endangerment being passed off as an oil spill, and so on.  To the point where I wonder if we’re not desensitized, just a bit.  Are we confusing the daily goings-on in Washington DC for some sort of entertaining reality show? 
     I am trying to see how all “sides” cover the news; limited a little by our very basic t.v. programming . What I notice is a great deal of arrogance and patronizing on the part of those in “power,” and a great number of questions being raised from all sides of the constituency.  Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Greens, et al are wondering What’s Going On?

     There is a violent tone to the world these days; an edge that really doesn’t have to be there…but it is.
We’re all angry and we’ve all got a lot to be angry about….all over the world.  Terrorism, hunger, unemployment, huge debt, droughts/floods/climate changes, under-and-unemployment, housing issues, racial issues, sexist issues, relationship issues, lifestyle issues, cultural and geographic issues…and don’t forget the Boogey Man-whoever that is this week ‘cos it seems like there’s somebody out to kill somebody else all the time….yep! A lot to be angry about, and scared about.

     This is when we need to keep our wits and senses about us most. We have to learn how not give in to these things that put us at each others’ throats. I know it’s hard because fear is an anger-generator. There I go sounding all hippie-dippy.  But it’s true.  We need to turn our heads around a little and look at things from a common sense standpoint rather than from a politically expedient standpoint.

     I say let’s see what has makes our nation work and what doesn’t make it work…then do something astonishing; let’s fix it.

     Let’s put all the information on the table….how bad is it really? Let’s  make sure our leaders read the laws they’ve been elected to enforce, and/or all laws which have been placed before them for review before commenting or acting upon them.  Let’s make a few decisions as a people, and as citizens of this nation we are indeed a people, as to what we want and make it so….but let these decisions be based upon our Constitution, on which our nation was founded, rather than any politicians’ interpretations of our founding documents.

     Personally, I don’t want to be a completely socialist nation…I’ve read Atlas Shrugged and Animal Farm and have talked with a number of people who’ve  escaped those kind of places; it don’t sound pretty.
     We don’t have to destroy our nation in order to make the whole world a better place; that’s just crazy. There is a better way to run things;  but we have to do something now. 

    But our actions can’t be based on political agenda…and a great deal of what’s going on these days feels like it is. And the way things are getting pushed through, I wonder what’s really going on. Some of it stinks big of tyranny-but it seems we’ve been served that kind of fish before.

     Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

     Same dance different motivation.

    So what do we do and what does any of this have to do with Fifty Five being the New anything?  Lots.
We have the ability to take charge of our future, if we decide to do so.  We have the responsibility to our future to take that step and, to the best of our ability, work toward the future we seek.
    It’s time to get away from televised reality and make our own version of the stuff by living it every day.
Don’t take anybody’s word for anything unless you’ve seen the proof for yourself. Don’t let politicians blind with spectacular rhetoric or badger with some sort of guilt. Politicians are politicians…public servants are public servants. There is a difference.

For me, today Fifty Five Is The New Task At Hand….it’s time to clean up our act.


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