>Fashion Statement

>Interesting date, in a numerological kind of way.

The world is changing…..in big ways, bigger even than the ’60s, when the Love Generation tried for center stage.
There was more to it than love beads and incense.  More than free love and white lipstick, go-go boots and tie-dyed shirts.  These things were mere trifles, ornaments for what was going on inside.

But this? What is one to wear to such an occasion as today’s form of revolution? A HAZMAT suit with a bullet proof vest and riot gear accessories? (Camouflage neatly replacing tie-die swirls)  And don’t forget the steel tipped boots! Bible, Koran or other book of religiosity in one hand, AK 47 or better in the other, gas mask strapped to the face, ammo pack strapped to the back….now THAT’s a look to get attention.

These are the days in which we live.

So for today, Fifty Five Is The New Fashion Statement….every generation has one….how do we look today?

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