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Thirty Eight going on infinity

Was sick the past few days, no I mean REALLY sick! Sweats and chills, chicken soup, the whole bit! UGH! Felt like I lost an entire week, which on the one hand doesn’t sound all that bad but on the other, where’d the time go?
For that matter, this whole space/time thing…where’s it going? Hmmm. Nothing like letting Physics play Travel Agent!
When we were young, so full of piss and vinegar that we claimed to own time we believed that it couldn’t pass without our divine edict. We worked hard and played harder, putting the future on a lay away plan ’til we were ready to deal with it.
These days, I’m astonished at how often one of my mother’s sayings comes from between my lips, and how much more empathy I have for how things were for her back when I was hanging on her apron strings.

So for today… for the memories of bullet-proof youth swirled in a goblet aged by experience, Fifty Five shall be the new Thirty Eight…old enough to know better but young enough to enjoy!

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