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Having the flu recently gave me the chance to catch up on my History Channel stuff Wouldn’t ya know Nostradamus and the Mayans showed up! Death and destruction, mayhem and ruination…all the big hitters were there in true End Of Days splendor.
Perhaps it was the sweating and chills brought on by fever, but those pictures of global warming and mushroom clouds really hit close to home!
The truth is we could all do something to make our world and our lives better.
But there are some processes (the earth’s magnetic core shift among them) that act upon their own way and (so far as I know) nothing we can do will change anything.
So where does that leave us?
The easy thing to do is just chuck it all, act like nothing matters and be done with it. Cynicism can be fun, comedians and news casters do it all the time. But for some reason I just gotta be that cockeyed optimist. And considering how life’s been sometimes ya gotta wonder if I’m optimistic or just dead and too dumb to fall over.
I’ll take the former. The latter is too final.
Bottom line is, to me anyway, we make our own heaven and our own hell…it’s here …all around us; the tools we need, even the instructions for use-they’ve always been here at hand.
Behind the games we play on ourselves, beneath the layers of baggage build through years of hardship lies a very simple thing. Each of us is here, now. And that’s what counts the most.

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