>Fairy Tale Flaws and Futures

>Once upon a time…
…..the charmed beginning to many a childhood tale. 

This inviting start was usually followed by a description of some far away, long ago place wherein lived kings, queens, princesses….LOTS of princesses, princes…..LOTS of princes, and assorted other associates.  Not to be forgotten were the many, many Knights and seemingly equal number of witches, dragons and other Nemesis  floating about, casting their evil nastiness.

by rcw

It was up to the aforementioned Knights and/or Princes-for indeed some of those fellows were both royal AND knighted-to spring into action on yon noble steed and save the day.

This usually involved battling something really terrible to rescue the story’s Ingenue, hence winning her hand in Royal Matrimony….
……And they lived happily ever after.

Have I got that right? Did I leave anything out?

Two questions….
1) What happens afterward?
I mean the REAL afterward when drooping boobs and receding hairlines show up? What happens when Cindy and Charming become empty nesters and a young, nubile Snow White moves into the forest and a reputation for easy pickin’s?

2) To me, the more important question….Why aren’t there any fairy tales with women or girls as heroes?
Why can’t a Woman fight a Dragon to save the Prince? Or scale a mighty wall, outsmart a guard and kill the witch? And who says witches can’t be men?!
(Don’t give me that old Witch/Warlock sexism stuff, they’re two completely different animals when you get back to basics)

I think #2 needs to be rectified, and #1 sure would be nice to see as well.

So for today, Fifty Five Is The New Fairy Tale Flaws and Futures….why not? We could use a little update!

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