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Life in 3/4 Time

Music has always been part of my life. From perhaps enutero, melodic strains have been an almost constant oompanion. I remember Johnnie Mathis’ “Chances Are” waifting across my brow when I was at home from school one day, sick with the somethings-or-other.
My brothers and sister, father and to some extent mother have been struck by the muses as well.
Mom moreso the artist and craft person, Dad had music and art, writing and journalism. None of us kids fell too far from the tree.
When we’ve been together as a family, guitars and harmonies flowing, good gawd!
You’d think we were the King family or Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young and So-On.
We’d be camping and the other campers would gather ’round to listen. We attracted so many people, a neighbor with a larger site offered their campfire for evening serenades. Oh! To have been able to bring that talent to the right people back then.
My prayer is that any child (or anyone at any age for that matter) who wishes to explore their creative side be permitted, nay, encouraged to follow their dream.
So for today, Fifty Five is going to be done in 3/4 time, in memory of songs sung and in anticipation of songs yet to be written.

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