>Who or what made us is a question not limited to college students and book worms. 

It’s a question that’s been asked since time’s beginning and will no doubt be with this world at its end. Is it all big bangs and gasses, or is there a Great Architect?  So many cultures, so many interpretations of the same thing…and so many wars over it all.

Like we have nothing else more pressing to worry about?!

Some religions bring it on themselves, claiming to be the “one true faith” ’til everybody else in the neighborhood gets mad and starts throwing eggs. Personally, I don’t think religion’s supposed to be starting discontent. It just runs contrary to what most of them preach.

Pipe, Feather, Drum by rcw

Now there are a few religions out there who do preach hatred and violence, so at least their elitism is based in honesty….not that I agree with their whole hatred and violence thing. 
I’m more closely associated with a combination Physics and American First Peoples’ philosophies…at least that’s how I’ve explained it so far.

I believe.  That’s enough.

So for today, Fifty Five Is The New Belief…you have yours, I have mine…but all the same, we’re both divine.


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