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Puberty at Fifty Five

Who am I today? Old or young? Active or passive? Don’t know. Can’t put my finger on it. Caught between being satisfied with life and wondering what the hell I did with it! Is there an age comparison to this?

Fifty five feels like the weather today, sunny and stormy….windy and mild…everything all rolled into one. Topsy-turvy, tutti-fruitti…like puberty without the satisfaction of a well earned giggle.
For me that started around age 11…everything happened all at once. Flat chested tom boy when I went to sleep, well endowed and womanly when I woke up. Talk about confusion. Okay, well maybe today’s not that bad…at least I don’t have to deal with that mess anymore!

So for today, Fifty Five is the new whatever it is….because like puberty it’s too much of a mystery and, for right now at any rate, can’t get over with soon enough!

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