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1040 Is Just A State Of Mind

It’s that time of year again, right after the holidays when our pockets are most likely to be empty. That is, those of us who have anything to begin with, but that’s another story.
In my examination of Fifty Five being The New, the clock goes waaaaay back as well as just my lifetime back…sometimes VERY far back. Sometimes it’s a pleasant journey, full of colorful perhapses and whynots….and believe it or not there’s a bit of that here as well; in spite of the fact that road signs are written in IRS-speak. Well, the good news is this chore is almost done.
I wonder what it was like back then….when there were more trees and less people.
Would my temprament have fit in, or would I have been an outcast?
Seen in that light, I’m glad to be here and now…so we’ll let Fifty Five have a few moments with the WayBack Machine, grateful for the key to get back home.

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