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Feeling Fourty

At fourty I was living in a converted 1958 high-rise school bus in the city of San Francisco with Jack and our cat Mocha. We had a million dollar view of the Bay Bridge from where we parked on China Basin…there were a bunch of us, not homeless…vehicularly housed.
We were explorers, pioneers and at the same time very much just like everybody else, trying to make ends meet, keep food on the table and all the rest.
We made our own electricity, had a complete one bedroom apartment with a computer/printer set up and everything.
It felt good to be independent. It felt scary thinking that at any moment our entire world could be towed out from under us with very little hope of ever getting it back. But it felt…and that’s what’s most important. If you feel, you live. Difficult or easy, if you feel you live.
So for today, Fifty Five is the new Fourty….now say it with feeling!

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