>Thoughts on the New Year 2010

>2010….I wonder how this year is going to be?  It’s still new enough to pose that kind of question.

Will we as a species improve ourselves, come upon any understandings that make peace possible?  Will we invent something to take away suffering or ease the ravages of disease?

I wonder.

Some folks are very stoic when it comes to our future.  They see us as edging closer and closer to our own self-imposed destruction.  They can’t believe that anything else is possible.  And there are even some that want to hasten that event….sounds crazy to me, but hey! What ever floats your boat.

Personally, I hope the coming year brings some level of peace, some sort of sense amid the chaos brewing ’round us in the world.  I pray the United States does away with its hypocrisy and starts dealing truthfully with the rest of the world.  Perhaps doing that would help lessen the hatred others have for us as a nation.  Perhaps. It’s what I pray for, among other things.

For today, Fifty Five Is The New Thoughts on the New Year…thoughts of hope and peace.

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