>Thoughts on Death

>Jack likes the song “If I Die Young” by The Band Perry. The song got me to thinking.

Death, to me, is not an end but a transition….a moving on of the life-force energy that makes up a persona.
The body, too, continues to transform; albeit either slowed down or hastened, with local customs or other extenuating circumstances.

Star Fractal by rcw

Many humans fear death. Do I? No….and yes.  I don’t fear the fact of it, only hope that mine is not painful for me or others….that it’s quick and done. Most people probably hope for the same.  A stroke in my sleep…sudden, over. 

I don’t want to create a mess or be a burden…don’t want to traumatize anybody or anything like that.  Just simple, quiet, good night.

As for what happens after…..throw a huge party, everybody imbibe in whatever floats your boat…..jam….dance….laugh….remember….have fun. Show surfing movies, drink several rounds of excellent bourbon, jump on a trampoline. Kick up your heels dancing to some Preservation Hall Jazz Band music and don’t forget the strippers!

In short, celebrate all the good things in life because that’s what it’s all about. 

As for my mortal remains, let science have what it wants, cremate the rest and mix it in the soil for some excellent cannabis…..then gather after it’s been properly dried, trimmed and cured (old school) and smoke.
That’s what I want when I die….young…..at any age.

So for today, Fifty Five Is The New Thoughts On Death….hey, it’s bound to happen!

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