>Life Long Sound Track


Our Behringer mixer….how we record today

Recording, recording, recording!  It’s all I seem to think about!  Since a very young age, that’s absolutely true.

I remember as a kid, in the basement of my parents’ home….my brother Jim and I would jam, and I couldn’t wait for the day to hear how it sounded.

At one point in time, my brother Bob made a recording device out of a portable record player….amazing!  But my most special moment was when I got one of those little reel-to-reel recorders (like the old “Mission Impossible” portables) and was able to finally get an earfull.

What I heard wasn’t bad.

When the cassette recorders came into being, I was really pleased.  Then I was able to experiment with things like overdubbing.

Even after I was on my own, I tried recording things….even if it was just singing to an instrumental and recording with a small hand-held cassette.

So now, when we have a studio in our home, I’m really in my element!  And boy, am I happy!

For today, Fifty Five Is The New 

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