1979 = Cadillac

Randi and Jack in our Cadillac

Here we are, that dynamic duo Boo Boo’s Bargain Basement Band in our 1979 Cadillac Seville, talking about our Cadillac Campsite Tour.

We plan on going on the road around Spring 2011, bringing our message and music to an unsuspecting public. This should be fun!

Ultimate destination – Nashville. We’ll stop by and visit with family and friends on the way, of course. We’ll camp along the way, make music along the way and see the world through our windshield.

We’ll be keeping blogs, videos and such on the road, naturally. It’ll be a full blown artistic endeavor…I may even learn to drive!

So for now, Fifty Five Is The New 1979 as in our Cadillac Seville…gonna drive us all the way across the country.

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