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Thoughts on being Five

Five…just before six, way after four….Fifty-Five can be the new Five today. Don’t know if it was like this for anyone else, but at five discovery was still unbridled by stoicism, I was young enough to slip under the radar of society’s bigger expectations, and fantasy was permitted.

Growing up is okay, to use the Lazy Boy slogan, “it’s what we do.” But does it really mean we have to loose that sense of wonder, that ability to see our dreams and believe that at least some of them can come true?

A friend died recently, well several have through the years but this death will serve as the final catalyst for the thought. Anyway, this friend took every monent and lived it….was active until shortly before the end and at 85 or so was fulfilled, albeit a little crotchety, and still able to keep that gizmo going in his head that allowed for childhood regardless of age.

That doesn’t mean he ran around in beanie copter hats and short pants….he did something we are all capable of doing if we only do it. He allowed life to be a daily exploration. He stopped to smell the roses.

What he left behind, besides the incredible legacy of his philosophy, is a very simple lesson.
Explore and Enjoy.

So for today, for the moment anyway, Fifty Five is the new Five….now where are my fingerpaints?

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