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Double Nickles, New Years’ Eve and The God Particle

Fifty five is the new….I could go easy on myself and say “The New Year,” but no. I do have some points to raise, and a question or two. So for today, Fifty Five is the new Question.

Tomorrow begins a new year on the Judeo-Christian calendar. Civilization is older than the 2010 years being plastered and printed on everything from legal documents to newspapers. It is funny how we humans are able to do that…bend time to suit our needs.

While it is up for debate, most scientists feel that the universe is some 13 trillion or more years (I don’t have a real count-where is Stephen Hawking when you need him). They are still searching for the God Particle, but then again in one way or another aren’t we all?
Some go to church others to a lab….some just go out into life and see it all around them.
All of these are valid ways of seeking and I’m not going to argue the point. A person’s path is an individual choice.

But when it comes to facts I’ll take scientists. I’m prone to go along with those folks, their telescopes are waaaay bigger than my Radio Shack desktop window-peeker. And I believe that these people were created by the same energy or force that made everything and everyone else.
Their hunger for knowledge is akin to the hunger for the spirit.

I question is the perceived conflict between science and faith. Note I didn’t say religion.
Religion is what people do, Faith is who they are.

Physics can be seen as prayer, the Rosary can be seen as an equation.
Anyway, my question to the cosmos…to anyone or anything who might read this…
Scientist and Seeker examine the following and explain it according to your belief.
“As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be.”

So for today, Double Nickles, onward to the New! Happy New Year!

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