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Ramblings Of A Twelve Year Old Hippie

Fifty Five is the new….well, today I’m going to say “the new twelve” because at twelve years of age my life was changing tremendously fast. I made a lot of decisions which impact me to this present day, including the name I chose.
Perhaps some will disagree but I think it might be good if a person could name themselves at a certain age….you know, shed the temporary name, suppositions and lables given by parents and family….kind of like a Bar or Baz Mitzpha (sp?). “Today I am.”
It certainly enabled me to distinguish between preset notions and my own interpretation of life. Of course, I may have made bigger mistakes because I didn’t have the “family honor” to defend with every action. That was convenient. It did make mother angry, which is probably only natural. Most people only change their first name. I opted for a complete make-over.
But, that’s what was needed. A complete overhaul.
So for today Fifty Five is the new Twelve.
And who says you can’t travel back in time?

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