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Sky Drum  by rcw

Normally I don’t talk about myself but feel a need to make changes, jump into life instead of being on the sidelines and anybody out there who wishes to read this is welcome to come along on a journey of discovery.

I won’t promise to be a daily blogger. Won’t promise to be an internet maven or anything, but will promise to be me…the me that I am and the me I am becoming.

Fifty Five is the new…the new what? Some folks have told me it’s the new Twenty-Five. If that’s so, I hope to do better this time around! Then again…if 55 is the new 25, then 25 would be the new what? Hmmmmm.

Anyway the coming year brings my 55th birthday, April 14th- the anniversary of the day Lincoln was shot and the Titanic hit the ice berg. So then I come along…go figure. What may be reassuring is the fact that neither Mr. Lincoln nor that Regal Ship met their actual demise until the following day, albeit only hours after the calendar page was turned.
Granted, the events of April 15th wouldn’t have occurred without those of April 14th taking place first, but I had nothing to do with either situation (and very little to do with the chosing of my own natal day).

My life has not been easy but it has been interesting. I’ve travelled, had miracles and dreams come true and lived through my share of nightmares, been lower than a snake’s belly and higher than the space shuttle, ridden in limos and boxcars, drank myself under the table and dragged myself out from under a few bad habits….given birth, known death, cried ’til I laughed and laughed ’til I cried….you know, I’ve lived, just like everybody else.

Like everybody else, I’m trying to keep it together in an economy that is barely doing the same. I have been disabled since 1980, and am continuing to try to get out of poverty through whatever talents and abilities are available to me. Sometimes the magic works, sometimes it doesn’t. My hope is that through computers and the internet, my work can get “out there.” There must be a million of us “out there” already, so what’s one more dreamer?

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